Namthong Sikalai

Namthong Sikalai, a College monastic and meditation training center, located outside University campus, within 10 minutes drive from the College. It’s the place where the monks, novice monks and laymen have been trained to enrich their knowledge and worldwide information of current movements related to cultural, social and economic issues.
Namthong Sikalai, hosted services for a number of training programs, national and international levels. Besides, within the area, it also facilitates the accommodation for resource persons and the residence for scholarship monk students, pursuing the study at the College undergraduate and graduate programs.
Namthong Sikalai, located seven constructions in its acres, mainly designed to support the activities, which include: one building served as the Administrative Office, two blocks served for the Meditation and Training Center, two blocks devoted for monk residence, and one building served for lodging individuals, or training staff as well as another one building reserved to accommodate Thai and foreign resource persons.
Namthong Sikalai is currently available for the public and private sectors to utilize the services and facilities for conducting general trainings, meetings, workshops and seminars.


College of Religious Studies, Mahidol University,
Salaya, Phutthamonthol 4, Nakhorn Prathom, 73170, Thailand
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